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Miroslav Tomin imageM. Sc. Miroslav Tomin (1963) company owner and director is civil engeeneer with broad additional education and expirience. He has started his career as construction supervisor and after a short time he subspecialised watermanagment and hydroengeenering working in biggest and the most important public agencies dealing with water management (Public Enterprize for City Development and Reconstruction and Public Water Management Company Vode Vojvodine). After numerous chalenges in water managment public sector he started career in private sector.

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List of published works and papers:

  1. Review of legal and institutional contexts for flood Management in Serbia – World Metrological Organization, December 2005.
  2. Assessment of legal, policy and institutional frameworks related to sustainable water management issues in the river Tisa basin in Serbia and Montenegro - REC center Budapest and UNDP, May 2004.
  3. "Transboundary Flood Management in Serbia and Montenegro: Status, Needs and Cooperation Opportunities"- International Conference, Athena, May 2003.
  4. “Reclamation of pipelines in water courses” published in the Collection of Papers of the Yugoslav Association of Engineers and Technicians, April 2001.
  5. “Possibilities for the construction of assembling navigable cranes” published in the New Courier, April 2001.
  6. “Possibilities and a new way of using military pontoons and truss structures in the construction of the navigable crane”, published in the Yugoslav Army Engineering Units Bulletin, August 2000.
  7. “Location choice for the construction of the Danube underwater water supply” published in the Collection of Papers “Modern Civil Engineering Practice” May 2000 Describes the construction of two pipelines under the Danube.
  8. “Intersection of pipelines with water courses II ” published in the Collection of Papers “Modern Civil Engineering Practice” 1999. Describes two types of intersection.
  9. Book “Flood protection into Serbia”, Institute for Water management “Jaroslav Èerni” (coauthor part the book, Regulations and responsibilities of flood protections), April 1998.
  10. “Intersection of pipelines with water courses” published in the magazine “Water Engineering”, 1998. Presentation of the method in accordance with the engineering system based on the “turn key” principle.
  11. “Some problems regarding application of polyester fittings”, published in the magazine “Water and Sanitary Technique”, 1993. Gives experience in laying polyester pipeline under the Danube – the Tisa – the Danube Canal in Novi Sad.